Feng Shui Glossary

Ten Heavenly Stems(十天干)

1 Jia 甲:  Bud – the sign of growth, Thumbnail. Helmet.
2 Yi 乙:  Sprout – the spread of growth, bursting forth from Mother Earth
3 Bing 丙:  Concentrated growth like fire in the house.
4 Ding 丁:  Maturity, solidity, Heavens kiss. Bee sting.
5 Wu 戊:  Flourishing and nuturing.
6 Ji 己:  Full bloom
7 Geng 庚:  Havesting and abundance. Fullness leading to change
8 Xin 辛:  Dead heading, reformation.
9 Ren 壬:  Sustenance, supporting life.
10 Gui癸 :  Regenerating roots and preparation for spring.

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